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Man can't do without God. Just like you're thirsty, you have to drink water. You just can't go without God. - Bob Marely

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    wait, what? The world’s dozen or so biggest countries spy on each other and hack into their intelligence agencies? No,...
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    I’m saying that it couldn’t be much worse, not that it would be any better. At least with a Chinese occupation,...
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    Are you seriously saying life would be better under a Chinese occupation? seriously? I lean Libertarian, but that’s...
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    Also he went to Hong Kong , that’s not really “china”
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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope Snowden stays safe.
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    Fuck legal. An unjust law is no law at all. He is NOT a traitor. Sometimes a patriot must defend his country from his...
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    Treason? Treason is aiding the enemy. He exposed the NSA violating OUR privacy. So who exactly is the enemy of the...
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    THANK YOU! The first thing my TI told me was "if someone tells you to do something unlawful or something not on your...
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    a “traitor” is someone who “gives aid or comfort to the enemy.” if Edward Snowden is a traitor, then the citizens of the...
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    So, he’s not a traitor, according to the Constitution?
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    did he actually take any oath to uphold and defend the constitution, tho? he was just a subcontractor. but either way,...
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